Dr. Jeff Robinson, Founder of Behavioral Concepts Inc. (BCI) in Worcester, MA was collecting only 69% of the charges his internal billing team was sending to insurances through the AccuPoint system.  When Jeff contracted with MBM to perform the billing, collections improved dramatically.  Jeff’s BCBA and RBT team was providing ABA therapy to over 400 children, billing insurances approximately $14 million per year. Jeff’s team later moved from the AccuPoint system to the CentralReach system.  Listen to this interesting interview.

ABA Billing

ABA therapy insurance coverage is now mandated in all 50 states in the U.S.  Here at MBM, we provide expert ABA billing services for ABA agency clients across the country that perform behavioral therapy for children diagnosed in the autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities.

ABA agencies grow swiftly; they often have waiting lists as they hire additional BCBAs and BTs. Then, as the authorizations and the ABA work multiply, so do the billing and collections problems also multiply.

There is no need for an ABA agency to suffer the age-old dilemma of providing excellent ABA services to children diagnosed in the autism spectrum, while not receiving the proper reimbursements promptly from the ABA billing for these services.  For our ABA agency clients, we take the financial collection worries out of running an ABA practice.  That way, ABA agency personnel can then focus on the needs of the client families.


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Since ABA insurance billing is a very recent development, most billing companies have little or no knowledge of ABA billing.  Our team has developed the knowledge and expertise to execute the ABA billing with all of its important nuances.  Insurance authorizations and insurance eligibilities must be tracked by the ABA agency office team.  As soon as a claim is denied, the MBM team must immediately notify our client, so that the auth is updated or the insurance is updated.  Then the claim can be sent out again immediately by MBM.  This prevents lost or delayed revenue.
Many ABA agencies also provide speech-language pathology services, occupational therapy and physical therapy, and these services require extremely accurate billing processes, also, which we will gladly provide. Call us if your billing process is bringing unwelcome challenges.  Denied and delayed claims are a tip-off that you may need special expertise in the billing area.  


Kim Cesario, CEO of Greater Boston ABA Associates, speaks about the ease of moving her practice from her former billing company to MBM and the effectiveness of MBM's billing and collections for Kim's team, utilizing the CentralReach system.  This interview speaks volumes about MBM.

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