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ABA Billing

Our Expertise in ABA Billing

ABA Therapy-Billing

ABA therapy insurance coverage is now mandated in all 50 states in the U.S.  Here at MBM, we provide expert ABA billing services for ABA agency clients across the country that perform behavioral therapy for children diagnosed in the autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities. 

ABA agencies grow swiftly; they often have waiting lists as they hire additional BCBAs and BTs. Then, as the authorizations and the ABA work multiply, so do the billing and collections problems also multiply.

There is no need for an ABA agency to suffer the age-old dilemma of providing excellent ABA services to children diagnosed in the autism spectrum, while not receiving the proper reimbursements promptly from the ABA billing for these services.  For our ABA agency clients, we take the financial collection worries out of running an ABA practice.  That way, ABA agency personnel can then focus on the needs of the client families.

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