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Medical Billing Services

Medical form with stethoscope

 MBM Services: what you do, what we do In a few words… 

       What You Do:

  • Schedule the patient’s visit 

  • Enter the patient’s demographics and any prior authorizations into your EMR system 

  • See the patient 

  • Enter your notes, code everything, lock your claim--->>You’re finished – we take it from here 



      What We Do:

       Before the claim is adjudicated

  • Make sure we’re familiar with your local billing guidelines 

  • Automate and streamline as many processes as possible (including ERAs – for prompt payment) 

  • Review and confirm that CPT codes are appropriate, also known as “scrubbing the claims” 

  • Submit scrubbed claims to the clearinghouse (who does an additional scrubbing of the claims) 

  • Notify you of any errors or missing information required to get paid 

  • Electronically submit your charges through your clearinghouse 


       After the claim is adjudicated 

  • Reconcile insurance payments 

  • Pursue any denied claims (and on occasion, file appeals for “one-time exceptions”) 

  • Post insurance payments 

  • Bill your secondary insurers 

  • If there is any “patient responsibility,” we transfer that to the patient 

  • Send statements to the patients (if you want us to) 

  • Collect and reconcile patient payments 

  • Provide (electronically) detailed monthly reports, including:

  • Payments 

  • Charges 

  • Accounts receivable 


Plus: regular, candid and transparent communications 

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