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AmbuPro EMS Ambulance Billing

Are you losing hard-earned revenue every month because denied claims are not followed up? We can help you, by assertively pursuing your denied claims, as we have for the past 30 years.

AmbuPro User & MBM Client:
North Shore EMS -Manager Dan Williams

Powerful Ambulance ePCR Lifts Ambulance Billing Results

AmbuPro is serious EPCR software for EMS professionals. It is the most powerful yet easy to use electronic patient care reporting NEMSIS Gold software solution developed by EMS professionals for EMS professionals. It’s a completely turnkey approach that streamlines your patient care reporting and EMS operations and usually pays for itself in the first year.


By combining this powerful EMS software with the expert MBM ambulance billing services, our ambulance billing clients control their operations, comply with NEMSIS reporting, and maximize their collections, month after month.

Why AmbuPro EMS?

• Seamless Billing Integration

• Every Ambulance Trip Tracked

• Modernized, NEMSIS compliant, patient care reporting

• On-Demand Patient Info

• Streamlined Billing


• Automatic Data Synchronization

• ICD-10 Compliant

About Us

We have been solving problems for our clients throughout the U.S. for the past 25 years. Medical billing is a challenge to physician practices and ambulance companies nationwide. Medical billing and collections can be particularly difficult in practices where Medicare is an important payer and the Medicare contractor has recently changed. This is true for medical billing in Massachusetts, California, Louisiana, Texas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Arkansas, Mississippi and New York. We help Ambulance Companies by teaming up with managers and owners to provide the billing and EMR software. MBM  teams with AmbuPro EMS and Tritech to solve problems in ambulance company billing. 

“The transition to Medical Billing Management was very smooth. Once we made the decision to change over MBM was very helpful and getting us online to where we can make money again.

— Dan Williams

North Shore EMS Manager

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