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Many of our EMS clients utilize the AmbuPro EMS ePCR system.  We recommend AmbuPro for all ambulance companies, both privately owned and publicly owned.  Why?  Because AmbuPro is built by EMTs for EMTs.  The majority of software developers and executives with AmbuPro are working EMTs.  Thus, this AmbuPro system works well for EMTs on the front lines of our healthcare system. 

Because this system was developed by EMTs for the use of EMTs, AmbuPro has become one of the fastest growing ePCR systems in the world with hundreds of ambulance company clients around the world.  Why the swift growth?  AmbuPro makes it easier for EMTs worldwide to quickly capture all essential data to document each ambulance trip, because AmbuPro was created by software developers who are also EMTs.  For successful billing, this reliable capture of each trip enables MBM’s billing operations to capture every possible insurance reimbursement dollar for our ambulance billing clients.

Here is the simple 4-step process:

  1. Our client’s EMTs document each ambulance trip in the AmbuPro EMS ePCR system.

  2. Our MBM billing team logs in to our clients’ AmbuPro EMS systems each morning to electronically pick up the trip sheets from the day before.

  3. Our MBM team immediately sends the ambulance billing out to the insurance payers.

  4. Our clients can log on to our Tritech billing system at any time to monitor our ongoing work for them as we bill their trips documented each day in the AmbuPro EMS system.

  5. This tightly controlled, transparent ambulance billing process maximizes our client’s collections.
    If you like, we can bundle the AmbuPro EMS system with our MBM billing services; you pay one bill at the end of each month that includes both MBM billing services and the AmbuPro EMS system.  

    Want to see proof of the effectiveness of MBM’s billing operations for our ambulance clients?
    Just watch the interviews with our CEO/General Manager clients Dan Williams (on the right), Dave Krevosky (below) and Patricia Medina (lower right).  These interviews say it all.  MBM has been maximizing ambulance company reimbursements for the past 30 years.

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 ePCR System for Your Ambulance Company
 Why Use AmbuPro EMS?

• Seamless Billing Integration
• Every Ambulance Trip Tracked
• Modernized, NEMSIS compliant,
   patient care reporting
• On-Demand Patient Info
• Streamlined Billing

• Automatic Data Synchronization

See what Louisiana’s Northshore EMS Ambulance Service General Manager Dan Williams says about the increase in his company’s cash flow when he changed to MBM ambulance billing, combined with his existing AmbuPro EMS ePCR system for capturing his patient encounters.”

K's Ambulance in Oxford, MA had collections that were sinking with their old billing company. MBM stepped in and fixed it fast, increasing collections.  The AmbuPro EMS system helped K’s easily comply with the state’s NEMSIS reporting requirements.”


Patricia Medina is CEO of BronzeStar Ambulance with 10 Ambulances and two chair cars in Laredo, TX.  Patricia talks about the lift that Medical Billing Management gave to her operations and her collections.”


Faster Payments for Ambulance Companies...
MBM's team provides outsourced billing services for providers of EMS services. Our system AmbuPro will transition your in-house billing for improvements like increased revenue, faster payments and less denials or hassles. Your ambulance company needs the MBM team and AmbuPro is your solution!



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