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Autism Spectrum Billing

Are you losing hard-earned revenue every month because denied claims are not followed up? We can help you, by assertively pursuing your denied claims, as we have for the past 27 years. We're MBM of Massachusetts, since 1990.

Southeastern ABA Founders Pam Ten Eyck and Amy Gavin describe how the MBM team approach quickly solved their ABA billing and collections problems.

How do we maximize your receipts for ABA services?  

We have used these 8 tactics to increase collections for an ABA agency.  

These tactics can increase cash flow by 5% to 15% or more. Since we charge less than 5% of monthly receipts for our services, we more than pay for ourselves!

1. We establish protocols for:

   a. Tracking authorizations in AccuPoint or CentralReach or other software systems

   b. Handling overlapping auths

   c. Accommodating multiple auths

   d. Setting up the speech and O/T auth process

2. We initiate the patient statement process.

3. We launch the billing and tracking of secondary insurance claims through AccuPoint, CentralReach, or other software systems.

4. We initiate the collection agency process for unpaid patient deductibles.

5. Our team ensures that the Group is enrolled with the billing Clearinghouse as the submitter to Third Party Payers.

6. Our team attacks the stubborn denial cases with multiple denials on one patient.

7. We make sure that third party payer enrollments are current and accurate for each BCBA/Clinician

8. We follow up to ensure that speech and O/T provider NPIs are linked to the
group's Tax ID. 

Powerful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Billing Results

ABA therapy insurance billing is new in the past 7 years; this new insurance coverage is now mandated in 47 of the 50 states in the U.S. Here at MBM, we are already providing ABA billing for our clients.  And for the past 27 years, we have been providing expert medical billing services to practices in many specialties across the U.S. We provide expert billing for practices that perform behavioral therapy for children diagnosed in the autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities.  Our ABA agency clients do not worry about collecting their reimbursements from insurance payers; we take the financial collections worries out of running an ABA practice, so the ABA agency team can focus on the needs of its clients.

Why ABA Therapy Billing?

Since ABA insurance billing is a very recent development, most billing services have little or no knowledge of ABA billing.  Our team has developed the knowledge and expertise to execute the ABA billing with all of its important nuances.  Insurance authorizations and eligibilities must be tracked and handled extremely carefully and accurately; so much is at stake in the billing process, and success depends squarely on the accuracy of insurance eligibility checking and keeping authorizations current.Many ABA agencies also provide speech and language therapy and occupational therapy and psychotherapy, and these services require extremely accurate billing processes, also, which we will gladly provide.Call us if your billing process is bringing unwelcome challenges.  Denied and delayed claims are a tip-off that you may need special expertise in the billing area.

About Us

Helping providers get what they earn and deserve since 1990. Medical practices utilizing the G.E. Centricity EMR system can find their medical billing team falling behind due to the challenges of billing with this complex Centricity billing system. We have many years of experience with the Centricity billing system. Call us. We can help you.

“Medical Billing Management has been a great asset to my office. Once I switched to MBM they really took charge and made my life easier over the next year. The other great asset is the constant support and great communication.”

— Dr. Nathalie Majorek

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