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eClinicalWorks Billing

ECW Managed By MBM

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

The eCW System:
This system enables our team to accelerate the billing cycle for our clients.  It allows MBM to file charges created in the eClinicalWorks billing system for your practice within hours of the actual patient encounter, check eligibilities faster, post remits faster, and appeal denied charges ever more assertively. The award-winning eClinicalWorks billing system and practice management system manages appointments and schedules, streamlines medical billing, and stores important demographic data.

MBM Seamless Transition: (Outsourcing process)
Our clients enjoy a smooth, profit-multiplying transition from their in-house eClinicalWorks billing to our expert team. We will have your system optimized in no time.


You will soon enjoy few denials and better cash flow. This is why so many practices work with us and stay with us for years: they like the long-term benefits and better overall results that they get from working with us.


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