eClinicalWorks Billing Services

eClinicalWorks billing is a big success for the Bermuda Medical Specialties Group, with MBM at the helm! Dr. Arlene Basden, Chief Medical Officer, makes her comments on this.

MBM took over Dr. Heersink's billing when his biller of 30 years retired. No problems occurred.

Dr. Bill Chun of Northern Essex Women's Health has improved his billing through Medical Billing Management, Inc.

Dr. Napoli had a problem with his billing. The MBM team fixed the problem fast, within the eCW system.

Why would you and your practice prefer the eClinicalWorks System?

In our 31 years of providing medical billing services to clients across the U.S., our team has utilized 8 different billing systems.  We have learned that eCW is clearly the best system today for physician practices, because it is easiest to use for both patients and for the physician practice team.
In addition, the billing module provides great reports and graphs for our physician clients.

If you’re already using eClinicalWorks

Medical Billing Management should be your billing service.  MBM has adopted the eClinicalWorks (eCW) system.  With this system, we can log on to your practice’s system and provide faster payments to you on denied claims, more assertive appeals filed faster for your practice.  That is why Medical Billing Management, Inc. has adopted the eClinicalWorks billing system.  We log on to your system, you keep control of your billing system, and you and your team can monitor our work as we bill for you every day. Our investment in this eClinicalWorks system means more cash faster for our clients.

If you’re considering eClinicalWorks

There are many reasons why eClinical Works has become the #1 system for small and mid-sized medical practices.  Below, we list some of the most powerful reasons.
The eCW System:
This system enables our 30-year old firm to accelerate the billing cycle for our clients.  It allows MBM to file charges created in the eClinicalWorks billing system for your practice within hours of the actual patient encounter, check eligibilities faster, post remits faster, and appeal denied charges ever more assertively. The award-winning eClinicalWorks billing system and practice management system manages appointments and schedules, streamlines medical billing, and stores important demographic data.
Accurate Billing, Faster Cash

Submit claims electronically, interface with clearinghouses, utilize the claims rules engine, track the status of claims, and determine what and when services will be paid. As the eClinicalWorks billing system is seamlessly unified with the eClinicalWorks EMR system, all data flows automatically from one database. There is never the need to enter the same data twice, reducing the chance of human error, and accelerating the billing process.

Your Patients will Love It

Perhaps most important, the eCW patient portal will be loved by your patients, and it is built into the system, not bolted on like many other EMR system.
The #1 System for small and mid-sized practices, used by over 850,000 medical professionals around the world.

eClinicalWorks billing system and EMR system has become the #1 system of choice among small to mid-sized practices throughout the U.S. eClinicalWorks now serves over 850,000 medical professionals, making it #1. This system is an extremely attractive, affordably priced system. Its comprehensive unified electronic health records (EHR) solution with practice management is ideal for practices of all sizes: large hospital systems use eClinicalWorks for their affiliated physicians; large and small health systems choose eCW; large and medium medical group practices find eCW to be easy on the budget; Hospitals and community health centers use the system; and small and solo provider practices all benefit from this system. eClinicalWorks customers are physicians in primary care practices as well as nearly every specialty.

eClinicalWorks award-winning technology provides the features needed to improve patient care while streamlining front and back office administrative functions. It is designed specifically to help enhance the patient’s experience from check-in to check-out with comprehensive Front, Mid, and Back office management tools.

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