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eClinicalWorks Physician Billing

Are you losing hard-earned revenue every month because denied claims are not followed up? We can help you, by assertively pursuing your denied claims, as we have for the past 30 years.



Faster payments to you on denied claims, more assertive appeals filed faster for your practice. Medical Billing Management, Inc. has adopted the eClinicalWorks billing system. eClinicalWorks award-winning technology provides the features needed to improve patient care while streamlining front and back office administrative functions. It is designed specifically to help enhance the patient’s experience from check-in to check-out with comprehensive Front, Mid, and Back office management tools.


Why This System?

This system enables our 25-year old firm to accelerate the billing cycle for our clients, filing charges created in the eClinicalWorks billing system for your practice within hours of the actual patient encounter, faster than ever before, checking eligibilities faster, posting remits faster, and appealing denied charges ever more assertively.


Accurate Billing, Faster Cash

Submit claims electronically, interface with clearinghouses, utilize the claims rules engine, track the status of claims, and determine what and when services will be paid. As the eClinicalWorks billing system is seamlessly unified with the eClinicalWorks EMR system, all data flows automatically from one database. There is never the need to enter the same data twice, reducing the chance of human error, and accelerating the billing process.


The #1 System Of Today

eClinicalWorks billing system and EMR system has become the #1 system of choice among small to mid-sized practices throughout the U.S. eClinicalWorks now serves over 100,000 physician practices, making it #1. This system is an extremely attractive, affordably priced, and stage 2 meaningful use 2-compliant EMR and Practice Management system. Its comprehensive unified electronic health records (EHR) solution with practice management is ideal for practices of all sizes.

About Us

Physician practices utilizing the eClinicalWorks EMR system can experience delayed or denied  claims. For the past 25 years our medical billing company has fought for reimbursements for our physician clients. The eClinicalWorks billing system enables the eCW EMR users to enjoy swift, accurate reimbursements. Call us.  We can help your practice. 

MBM utilizes eClinicalWorks for faster, increased reimbursements. The eClinicalWorks system accelerates the billing cycle, files and collects charges faster than ever before. And, unlike yesteryear's EMR systems, eClinicalWorks comes with zero up front costs, just an affordable monthly cost.  eCW simply imports the data from your current EMR system into eClinicalWorks, trains your staff, and you begin entering your patient encounters and we commence your billing.  It has never been so easy.

“Prior to MBM I worked with a company that had a very poor support system. MBM worked with us on a daily basis during the transition to make sure all of the information was delivered. Because of their commitment our productivity has increased significantly.”

— Dr. Bill Chun

OB/GYN, Northern Essex Women's Health

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