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G.E. Centricity Physician Billing

Are you losing hard-earned revenue every month because denied claims are not followed up? We can help you, by assertively pursuing your denied claims, as we have for the past 30 years.

G.E. Centricity User & MBM Client:
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr John Boyle


G.E. Centricity Billing

Centricity billing, practice management, and electronic medical records is one of the top 5 EMR/PM systems in the U.S. This time-honored Centricity billing system produces great results for dozens of our physician clients.  We can help you with your Centricity billing.


Why This System?

This system enables our 25-year old firm to accelerate the billing cycle for our clients, filing charges created in the GE Centricity billing system for your practice within hours of the actual patient encounter, faster than ever before, checking eligibilities faster, posting remits faster, and appealing denied charges ever more assertively.


Why G.E. Centricity?

The G.E. Centricity billing and EMR system has been one of the top 5 electronic  medical records systems in the U.S. for over 20 years. There is no safer and reliable, Stage 2 Meaningful Use system in America.


Seemless Integration Billing 

With Centricity billing, doctors adopt an EMR that has been one of the most popular EMR systems for the  past 20 years throughout the U.S. With the Centricity EMR, our physician clients create their patient encounters, and our team picks up the encounters within the Centricity system, and edits the claims and sends the claims electronically to the G.E. Centricity clearinghouse and on to the payers.

About Us

Helping providers get what they earn and deserve since 1990. Medical practices utilizing the G.E. Centricity EMR system can find their medical billing team falling behind due to the challenges of billing with this complex Centricity billing system. We have many years of experience with the Centricity billing system. Call us. We can help you.

“Medical Billing Management has been a great asset to my office. Once I switched to MBM they really took charge and made my life easier over the next year. The other great asset is the constant support and great communication.”

— Dr. Nathalie Majorek

Majorek Medical Group

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