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Our Company,
Medical Billing Management

Medical Billing Is Our World

Electronic Medical Records Systems Can Simplify Your Billing

The better EMR systems allow you to keep your medical records and your billing system in the same database. This eliminates the need to export/import or transcribe information: your billing flows seamlessly from your medical records. If you’re not using one of these packages, we can help you make the transition:


1. CentralReach 

2. AccuPoint 

​3. eClinicalWorks

​4. Centricity


Medical Billing Management, Inc.

MBM has a long history of collecting provider reimbursements and increasing their cash flows.  We love what we do for our clients- over 31 years of solving billing problems for hundreds of providers throughout the U.S. ABA services providers to children diagnosed in the autism spectrum; physician groups in multiple specialties which our billing team excels in.

About Our Company
Since 1990, Medical Billing Management, Inc. has been helping medical practices  and ABA services providers to succeed in a constantly changing healthcare industry.

Rolling with the Changes
We no longer live in the "good old days;" coding, billing and collecting reimbursement for medical group practices and ABA service providers are now highly specialized tasks. Success with those tasks produces optimal cash flow for a healthcare practice. Lack of success in those tasks can drastically impede the performance of healthcare operations. We perform the important coding, billing and collection tasks with precision, producing excellent results for our clients.

Our Experienced Staff, an asset to your medical practice
We give our providers the same talented, deep billing staff that large practices enjoy. Many of our team members and team leaders have been with us 15 years or more.  

In addition, our attractive fee schedule gives our clients great cash flow at a price more-than-paid-for by our collection results.


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