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December 2020 Newsletter 

Adding ABA to Early Inbtervention Practice-
How MBM Helps-Plus SBS and Otta Kodra with Strategic Behavioral Solutions

December 2019 Newsletter 

Holiday Special, MBM hits year 29
CentralReach + Spectrum Analytic Consultants + MBM = Success!!!

Fall 2018 Newsletter

MBM hits 28th year in performance...
ABA Billing is expanding with MBM, ABA International Conference and more...

Fall 2017 Newsletter

The 43rd Annual ABA Convention at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center

December 2016 Newsletter
Neurology Center of New EnglandHits Home Run with eClinical Works, Sioux Center, Iowa & MBM make partnership

December 2015 Newsletter

eClinicalWorks Lays out the Future toEnthusiastic Physicians and Managers read more, click PDF icon:

December 2014 Newsletter

Unprecedented changes in health care for 2014 We are preparing now! And we have concerns! download PDF below:

Summer 2013 Newsletter
The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) held its New England annual regional meeting from May 1 to 3 at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. The 300 medical group managers at the conference attended sessions on ICD-10 implementation, practice marketing, patient care operations, information technology, risk management, financial management, and business operations. More, download PDF below:

Fall 2012 Newsletter
The annual New England Regional Symposium of the Medical GroupManagement Association (MGMA) was held this pastMay at the Samoset Resort in Rockland,Maine.MBMjoined with the General Electric team to introduce customers and prospects to the Centricity line of software products and services for medical practices large and small.

Spring 2012 Newsletter
Billing Changes Causing Big Problems Nationwide: Uh-oh. We saw this coming. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services crammed too many changes into 2012.


Winter 2011 Newsletter

The new year brings many changes to the medical claims payments system. MBM has invested in our claims processing system to keep our clients in step with all the changes.

Fall 2011 Newsletter
2012 brings difficult challenges for providers... The new Federal requirement, ANSI 5010, arrives rudely on our doorsteps January 1, 2012. All medical practices submitting claims to any payer must upgrade their claims submission software to comply with ANSI 5010. Medical practices that do not comply and continue to submit claims in the current ANSI 4010 format after January 1 may see their claims rejected by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances.

Summer 2011 Newsletter
Dr. Steven A. Croce launched his eye care practice, Eye Associates, Ltd., in 2010 with offices in Lincoln and Cranston, Rhode Island. Considered among the premiere optometrists in Rhode Island, Dr. Croce has been serving the eyecare needs of his patients for the past 30 years. When he launched his new practice in 2010, one of the “ounce of prevention” scenarios noted in our CEO letter, at right, arose immediately. United Healthcare, a behemoth health insurance company with 70 million members and 661,000 contracted physicians nationwide, is a dominant payer in Rhode Island...

Fall/Winter 2010 Newsletter
The MSCPA Committee on Physicians, Dentists and other Healthcare Providers is chaired by Fred Katz, CPA of Braver PC in Newton, MA. Committee members meet to exchange and develop ideas to benefit the various health-care provider specialties. At the May 20th meeting at Braver’s offices, MBM was invited to share information on billing and collections issues for medical practices...

Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter
MBM Client Spotlight: Professional Ambulance Company of Providence, RI This family-owned company relies on MBM for their ambulance billing system. They have enjoyed tremendous growth and have an excellent relationship with our company.  NEWSFLASH: MBM Celebrates 20 years in business! Read about how our dynamic team has grown and enjoyed success in medical billing...


Fall 2009 Newsletter
MBM installs Centricity for faster, increased billings. The G.E. Centricity Practice Management System accelerates the billing cycle, files charges faster than ever before, checks eligibilities faster, posts remits faster, and appeals denied charges ever more assertively...

Spring 2009 Newsletter

The EMR system universe is crowded. Over 200 different systems have been sold in recent years. This number is seemingly overwhelming, yet a small number of these systems has emerged as dominant...


December 2008 Newsletter
Download the December '08 newsletter from MBM. We included some important information for you, including in our client spotlight how Horsely Eye Center improved their cash flow by 15%...


June 2008 Newsletter
Contact Your Senators to Postpone Medicare's 10.6% Cuts This July 1st.

Winter 2007 Newsletter
See the Winter 2007 edition of the MBM Newsletter. Articles in the newsletter include, "MBM Successfully Tests EMR System with Oncology Practice."


Fall 2006 Newsletter
Download the Fall 2006 issue of the MBM Newsletter. Read a letter from the new owner & CEO.


Spring 2020 Newsletter 

eClinical Works and MBM Focus onBermuda Medical Specialties’ Cash Flow