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Understanding North Carolina's Medicaid Expansion: A Guide for Our Clients

Hello North Carolina Community,

We're here to talk about something important – the recent expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina. This change, effective from December 1, 2023, could be significant for many of our clients at Medical Billing Management. Let’s break down what this means in a clear, straightforward way.

Key Insights into Medicaid’s Expansion:

  • What’s New?: North Carolina has broadened Medicaid eligibility. If you're an adult between 19 and 64 and earning up to 138% of the federal poverty line, you might now qualify for Medicaid. This change could open doors for many who were previously not eligible.

  • Applying Made Easy: Applying for Medicaid has been simplified. The quickest way is through the online ePASS portal, but there are other options like in-person, phone, or mail applications. Online applications might be processed faster, which is great for those needing prompt coverage.

  • Coverage Details: Medicaid’s coverage is now more extensive, including essential services like primary care, hospital stays, and maternity care. Additionally, vision, hearing, and dental services are included, making it a comprehensive healthcare plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Eligibility Expansion: Yes, North Carolina has indeed expanded Medicaid eligibility. This is great news for those who need more affordable healthcare options.

  2. Included Health Services: The scope of Medicaid now covers a wide range of healthcare needs, from regular doctor visits to specialized care services, all at an affordable cost.

  3. Qualification Criteria: Residency in North Carolina, age, citizenship status, and income level are key factors in determining eligibility. Check the specific income thresholds to see if you qualify.

  4. How to Apply: The ePASS system is your go-to for a hassle-free application process. But if online isn’t your thing, local DSS offices are ready to help, whether over the phone or through a paper application.

  5. Parental Coverage: Parents not covered under previous criteria might now be eligible. It’s also important to ensure all children in the household have health insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act requirements.

  6. Coverage Plans: Depending on your needs, your health coverage will be provided through Standard Plan, Medicaid Direct, Tribal Option, or Tailored Plans.


This Medicaid expansion in North Carolina is a big step towards more accessible healthcare for many. At Medical Billing Management, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed and assisting with any billing queries or concerns you might have. Remember, we're here to support you through these changes.

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