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Our Legacy

Nestled at 460 Boston Street stands a testament to over three decades of dedication - the hub of Medical Billing Management. Born from the esteemed Winthrop Hospital's billing department in 1990, we've witnessed and spearheaded monumental shifts in the billing domain. From the tangible touch of paper claims to mastering sophisticated platforms like eClinicalWorks, CentralReach, and Epic, our evolution has been both responsive and proactive.

Our foundation lies in a simple yet profound principle: prioritizing families. This commitment has not only shaped our work ethos but has also magnetized a stellar team of Account Managers - experts who are the lifeline of our services.

Tackling varied billing systems, we have carved a niche in swiftly pinpointing and rectifying challenges, whether they're centered on credentialing, accounts receivable intricacies, or digital processing roadblocks. With 34 years of proven success, our legacy is marked by rejuvenating practice cash flows and offering timely, effective solutions.

Eager to elevate your billing processes? Partner with the best.

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Meet the Team

Senior Billing Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Senior Billing Team exemplifies experience and dedication. As your primary point of contact, they ensure consistent communication, direct oversight of the billing process, and hands-on team management. Their expertise guarantees not only meticulous handling of your billing needs but also a steadfast commitment to transparency and rapport. With them at the helm, you're in capable hands.

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