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At Medical Billing Management (MBM), our primary goal is to ensure healthcare providers get what they earn and deserve. Our process, refined over decades of experience, focuses on optimizing your revenue cycle management. Through meticulous management, advanced technology, and a dedicated team, we bring tangible improvements to your billing processes.

Additional Services

At MBM, we do far more than expertly manage your revenue cycle. We also offer a full suite of services specifically designed to ensure your ongoing success and growth.

Medical Coding

MBM ensures precision in medical coding, enhancing claim accuracy and minimizing denials, ensuring your services are accurately represented and reimbursed.


With our thorough and efficient credentialing process, MBM ensures that your providers are recognized and approved across all insurance platforms.

Rate Negotiation

We leverage our industry know-how to negotiate the best rates with insurers, ensuring you receive the optimal reimbursement for your services.

Insurance Verification

Prevent unnecessary claim denials with our diligent insurance verification service, confirming coverage details before services are rendered.

Authorization Review

Equip your team with our Authorization Empowerment program. We share our expertise to enhance your internal authorization processes, fostering knowledge and efficiency

Strategic Planning

Drawing from deep healthcare industry insights, we offer strategic planning to navigate the evolving landscape, positioning your practice for long-term success.

Why We're Different


A Legacy of Excellence.

  • Over 30 years in the medical billing industry.

  • Tailored solutions based on vast industry knowledge.

  • Trusted by healthcare providers nationwide.

  • Committed to continuous learning and industry advancements.


Turning Data into Insight.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your billing systems.

  • Proprietary analytics with visual performance metrics.

  • Proven KPIs: Our average client experiences over 30% revenue growth in two years, with an astounding >95% collection rate.


Where Performance Meets Satisfaction.

  • Consistent high performance: <15% AR over 90 days, 50% faster payment processing.

  • Rave reviews from partners:

    • Dr. Jonathan Russo: "A game-changer."

    • Dr. Jeff Robinson: "Revenue jumped from $820k to $1.2M monthly."

    • Dr. David Criss: "Seamless transition and strong partnership."

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