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 We are expert users of:

• CentralReach

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Welcome.  You’ve Found Your Medical Billing Experts

Thank you for visiting us at  If you’re considering using an outside agency to manage your medical billing, you should outsource with us.  We’ve been providing medical billing services since 1990, and have accumulated much experience and deep expertise in medical billing.  We can help you reduce your denials, streamline your billing practices, increase your operational insights and enjoy better cash flow.  Our exemplary customer service and clear communications will help you manage and grow your practice.  

If You Have a Medical Practice

We have reviewed many software packages in the more than three decades that we’ve been providing

medical billing services. And we’ve worked with a great variety of medical practices, including

ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, pain management, family medicine and many others. The two

software packages that we believe are the best for billing and practice management are eClinicalWorks® and GE Centricity®. We are expert users of both, and if your practice is using either of those packages, we can become your billing partner with a minimum of transitional headaches. We can improve your financial picture in short order.


We’ve found that for both patients and for the physician practice team, eClinicalWorks is the easiest

billing and practice management software to use. The billing module provides excellent reports and

graphs for our physician clients.

GE Centricity

The G.E. Centricity billing and EMR system has been one of the top 5 electronic medical records systems in the U.S. for over 20 years.  There is no safer and more reliable, Stage 2 Meaningful Use system in America.


If You Have an ABA Practice

If your practice provides behavioral therapy for children on the autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities, we have deep experience with ABA billing.  We work with clients all over the USA, and we are familiar with the sometimes-tortuous regulations that come with ABA billing

The two software packages that we believe are the best for ABA practices are CentralReach® and Accupoint.®  We are experts at both.  For more information, visit us at 

What This Means To You

The most frequent complaint that we hear when practice managers call us is, “My unpaid claims are piling up and I can’t get a straight answer from my billers.”  If you work with us, both of those complaints will evaporate:  we do a first-rate job, and we’ll give you straight answers to your billing questions.  And by the way, if we think we’re not a good fit for your practice, we’ll tell you.

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Stop spending endless hours trying to make billing codes work. Let us get your practice up to speed.

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Faster payments to you and hassle-free systems to help you run smoothly.

Streamlined Transition

MBM's seamless integration improves your work flow and monthly revenue cycle.

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