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Welcome to MBM

MBM will collect your reimbursements and increase your cash flow!  We love what we do for our clients- over 29 years of solving billing problems for hundreds of providers throughout the U.S.

1. ABA billing problems: In 2019, the new 97000 series codes give insurers, in some states, a new opportunity to demand authorizations for each code for each BCBA.   Our MBM team has a long history of fixing reimbursement problems for providers. The CentralReach system is a powerful tool for fixing ABA billing problems. Click Here  to listen to what we have done to help with ABA billing .

2.  eClinicalWorks billing problems: This top-selling electronic medical records system now serves more than 850,000 medical professionals worldwide. MBM has solved billing problems for many providers using the eCW system.  Click here to listen to what providers say about MBM's helping with their eClinicalWorks billing.

3. Ambulance billing problems: Our work with the AmbuPro EMS ePCR system for many ambulance companies has produced dramatically improved ambulance billing and collections results, swiftly.  Click here to listen to what ambulance companies have said about MBM's helping with their ambulance billing.

4.  Centricity billing problems: This time-honored electronic medical records system has been used by thousands of providers for over 30 years.   MBM has solved physician billing challenges by using the Centricity billing solution for many years.  Click here to listen to what providers say about MBM's improving their financial results with the Centricity billing solution.

5.   Epic billing- By logging in to our client’s Epic electronic medical records and practice management system, we can accomplish the billing and collections work for our client.  With the physicians on the Epic EMR and the MBM team on the Epic PM, the practice will enjoy their Epic system without the hassle of building and maintaining a billing operation.

MBM also provides AmbuPro Ambulance Company Billing.

 We have a 29 year track record of increasing client receipts by 5% to15% or more per month.

Dr. Horsley, an eye surgeon in Massachusetts, saw a 30% increase in collections by outsourcing his medical billing to our team at MBM.

Let the Team at MBM Improve Your Medical Billing Cash Flow. Call: (800) 928-1315

Client Video Testimonials:

eClinicalWorks User
Medical Director Dr. Salvatore Napoli
Neurology Center of New England


AmbuPro User  North Shore EMS
Manager, Dan Williams • Bogalusa, LA


G.E. Centricity User 

Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. John Boyle

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Both of the above CEO's has experienced significantly higher receipts very soon after MBM took over their billing operations. Click on their images to hear them tell of their experiences with MBM's Billing process.

In 2019, delayed claims and denied claims constitute a considerable challenge for medical providers.  The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates a claims denial rate of 5% to 10%.  The Government Accountability Office estimates that 25% of all claims are denied.




This is a stunning revelation.  This causes financial setbacks for providers when these reimbursements are never collected.


Here’s why, 65% of denials are not reworked: The rework process is so unpleasant.  Insurance companies don’t answer the phone, or put you on hold.  Insurance company personnel can seem overworked and unpleasant.  Patients don’t answer the phone.  This collection process can be so unpleasant that a provider’s staffers do not want to do this work. But here at MBM, we enjoy this challenging work, getting for our clients the reimbursements that they have earned and deserve. 


Our team of professionals pursues our clients' denied claims assertively, as part of our everyday work. Our clients can see the benefit or our work for them very easily, in the incoming payments of previously denied claims.  Denial management.  Very important work, with which we increase our clients' receipts.

Our team has been fighting for our clients’ reimbursements for 29 years; let us help you to maximize the cash flow of your medical practice.

MBM can help physician practices on eClinicalWorks.  See our testimonials for more.

We can help physicians on Centricity: our clients say it best on our testimonial page including videos. Our team can help ambulance companies collect more; we have many testimonials.


We can help with ABA billing to increase ABA agencies' cash flow.  The CentralReach system is a great tool to help maximize ABA agency cash flow.  For more info, visit our ABA billing page  



Just call us!  We can help you now.  Just as we have been helping providers for the past 29 years!  call today: 800-928-1315
or send our Sales Director an email: George.Urban@medical-billings.com